ࡱ> ,.+w #bjbj nDl$fTf|Z:777$ .77"7777kL7Z87|eeN |gf eeb0eIe 06Title of the Paper (Length of not more than 2 Lines is Recommended) Authors' names (Please leave this line blank in the first submitted manuscript) Author_1's Affiliation with Email address (Please also leave these lines blank in the first submitted manuscript) Author_2's Affiliation with Email address (Please also leave these lines blank in the first submitted manuscript) ABSTRACT This Microsoft Word template file is provided for authors who are preparing their manuscript using Microsoft word processor. Its set up is not exactly as that given in the manuscript format given as other document. However, it produces the same outlook. The main result is because blank lines are replaced by paragraph format. Commonly accepted as standard, paper should begin with an abstract of not more than 200 words (for regular paper) or 100 words (for correspondence). Include the word "ABSTRACT" with #10 Bold and all capital letters, starting at the left edge of the column. Then leave one line (or equivalent spacing) before the body text of the abstract. Keywords: Paper format, Author's Guideline 1. PAGE SETUP The transaction will be published with no reformatting the manuscript. It is necessary for authors to follow the recommended paper format. This template file is provided to help the author to speed up his/her manuscript formatting. The manuscript must be prepared with A4 size with the following margins: Top 2.5 cm (1.0"), Bottom 2.5 cm (1.0"), Left 2.0 cm (0.8") and Right 2.0 cm (0.8"). The skeleton of the manuscript is similar to that of most other technical transactions. The first section, which comprises of paper title, author's name and author's affiliation, is a single-column format, centered text. The second session, which is a two-column format, starts with abstract. This section conveys all what the author wants to describe. It is built up with section headings, subsection headings, figures, equations, tables, and ended up with references. Abstract describes shortly, but meaningful the overall picture of the work. The keyword describes a few words that the work could be categorized. Detail format of the abstract is already given above. The word "Keywords" is font size #10 bold, starting at the left edge of the column and the body text is font size #10. For example, Keywords: Adaptive Antenna, Simulated Annealing Algorithm, Circuit Level Partition. Then leave two lines before starting the first heading. 2. SECTION HEADINGS Section Headings: Section headings can be ordered with Arabic numerals, without decimal notation and start with number one, e.g. 1. INTRODUCTION at the left edge. Leave a single space between the order number and the heading caption. All headings are font size #10 with capital type, bold. Use one tab when starting the body text, which should be font size #10 Times New Roman, and try to keep the text full in each column. If the body text has another paragraph, start the new line without any space but use one tab at the first new line. Leave one line after the body text if it is to be followed by another section heading or subsection heading. 2.1 Subsection Headings The ordering of subsection headings uses Arabic numerals with decimal notation. Leave a single space between the order number and the sub-heading caption. As noted above before sub-heading captions, skip one line. The words in the sub-heading caption are font size #10 and the first letter in each word is capitalized. Texts in the following section follow the Body_text style. Leave one line after the body text if it is followed by another section heading or subsection heading. The position of a sub-heading caption and the body text is similar to the section heading. 2.2 Paragraph Style Paragraph text or body text distributes in every section and subsection. At the first line of the body, skip one tab (the tab size is 0.25"), then start the text with font size #10. In the template file, this portion of text is formatted to "Body_text" style. After the abstract text, leave one line (or equivalent spacing) before starting the next section or subsection. 2.3 Styles Summary When text styling or template is used, blanks line (or spacing) and tabs are absorbed in the style of the text near by. With this utility, when texts are typed in completely, authors can perform text formatting. Style name are summarised and tabulated below. Table 1: Styles Summary Paragraph Style Name (MS Word)Font SizeSpacing BeforeSpacing AfterTitle_text20 (B)0 pt.24 pt.Authors_name12 (B)0 pt.12 pt.Authors_aff100 pt.0.pt.Abstract10 (B)0 pt.4 pt.Keywords1012 pt.12 pt.Body_text100 pt.0.pt.Section_heading10 (B)12 pt.4 pt.Subsection_heading10 (B)12 pt.4 pt.EquationsEqn12 pt.12 pt.Figure1012 pt.0 pt.Figure_no10 (I)6 pt.12 pt.Table10 pt.0 pt.12 pt.Table_no10 (I)12 pt.6 pt.Reference100 pt.3 pt. 3. EQUATIONS Before and after each equation, leave 3/4 1 line. Fonts and other regulations follow the default of the Microsoft Word program (should be Times New Roman) and all mathematics or symbols must be defined in the text when they first appear.  EMBED Equation.3  (1)  EMBED Equation.3  (2) Equations should be centered and the equation number should be Arabic numerals without decimal notation, inside the parentheses, placed at the right edge of the column. 4. FIGURES AND TABLES Before figures and after figure captions, skip one line. If possible, figures should be fitted within one column and be centered. Figures are allowed to span over two columns only when it is necessary. Photographs should be black and white, with good contrast. Texts in a figure or photograph should be large enough to be legible. Every figure title must have a number, which is an Arabic numeral without decimal notation. The description or explanation should not be more than two lines placed below the figure. If it consists of only one line, it should be centered. Otherwise, it should be left justified, with the following lines indented. Start the caption with "Fig. 1:",  EMBED Visio.Drawing.6  Fig.1: Variation of Spacing with Suspension Preload using font size #10, bold and italic. Leave one space between "Fig. 1:" and its description. The description should also use font size #10, italic, not bold, with the first letter of each word capitalized. Tables are treated in the similar way as figures but the caption must be placed above the table, centered text, with a single space between the table caption and the table description. For example: Table 1: Result of M1 Identification  5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In many cases authors would like to express their gratitude or thanks to other bodies who generally support their work. Words are expressed in this section. Likewise, in many papers this section is skipped or omitted. 6. REFERENCES In the body text, use brackets to reference and put Arabic numerals inside the brackets. The order will follow the sequence of references in the body text. If the paper refers to many references, they can all be included in one bracket, for example, [1-3]. In the reference section, the font size is #10. Start with brackets, low number to high then leave a single space then start the text. This section should be both-side justification with indented following lines. The following are examples of references for, respectively, an article from a book, a journal, a paper presented in a conference and a thesis. [1] R.B. Standler, Protection of Electronic Circuits from Overvoltages, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 1989, ch. 5. [2] A. A. Khan, M. Abou El-Ela and M. A. Al-Turaigi, Current-mode Precision Rectification, International Journal of Electronics, Vol. 79, No.2, pp.853-859, 1995. [3] D. Endo, T. Hiyane, K. Atsuta and S. Kondo, Fractal Image Compression by the Classification in the Wavelet Transform Domain, Proceeding of 5th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 98), pp.190-193, 1998. [4] C. Phongcharoenpanich, Slot Array Antenna, D. Eng. Thesis, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 138-145, 2001.  EMBED Visio.Drawing.5  x{rz' {  R S /'("2=>ef/01278KLMN 56\] jdEHUjpA UV^J jEHUjxoA UV^J jU6]mH sH 5\mH sH 6]mH sH 5\CJaJmH sH ?Dxyz{IW (@|2Q[ $If` $$If`a$x`##[jxydWWWdW $$If`a$$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $If` apWatW $If`$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $$If`a$ alWahW $If`$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $$If`a$ "()9@GMNahaWaW $If`$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $$If`a$ houvatWa`W $If`$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $$If`a$ a|WalW $If`$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $$If`a$  axWahW $If`$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $$If`a$ +7Sa[YWSOW`$$Ifl4\b b*04 lal $$If`a$  $!!B"'#######<` "-HO7!l!!""""#B#V########## jU!je> PJUVmHnHo(u 6H*]6]j6U]mHnHsH u 56\]mH sH 5\ B*ph jU jUj3@ OJUV^JmHsH'$&P 1h. A!"#$%/ 0&P 1h. 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